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Kosovo Green Pages

This guide was put together by volunteers of the UN Volunteer Programme and from The Ideas Partnership NGO. We also asked other NGOs working on environmental issues in Kosovo for information and contacted the Prishtin/Pritina Green Drinks mailing list for additional ideas and inputs. Our focus was on gathering information about services which can help people to live sustainably in Kosovo and which supports environmentally and socially responsible choices. turn the lights off when you leave the room, don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth) which are readily available in other guides to green living.

We hope this guide will help you to live in Kosovo in a way which protects and prolongs the fragile environment here. We would like the guide to be a lasting resource. With this in mind we hope it will be updated by people adding new information via this blog.

Just wanted to write a quick thank you for the work you are doing in Kosovo. We first about you with the article that appeared in the Prishtina Insight on collecting bottle caps for wheelchairs. My Kosovo friend and I had just started a recycling company in Gjilan, Kosovo at that time and rather than sell the caps we started collecting them and turning them in at AUK through BLyn our friend in Prishtina for wheelchairs.

I just read through the Gree Burberry Handbags n Pages and wanted to let you know about how we got started as it something we have thought about extending to other cities in Kosovo. We went around to the cafe bars and restaurants in Gjilan and offered to give them a recycling container and bags if they would start saving their plastic bottles, cans, etc instead of throwing them in the trash. We currently collect from them 3 days a week. We have also given containers to individuals for their homes, and have some in the local private universities. After we got started with that we opened up our own recycling plant and now purchase plastics from the local collectors. Many of the collectors come to us Burberry Handbags now as we treat them with dignity and respect, not only giving them a fair price and not cheat them on the weight but offer them a cold drink of water or soda and something to eat when we have it available. We also give them a logo tee shirt after they collect and deliver 500kg of plastics to us.

Another thing we have in the works is a book for educational purposes as we believe that if we educate the young people in Kosovo about the benefits of recycling now it will make for a better Kosov in the future. We also teach our workers best business principles and practices as something they can use now and in the future. I have attached a copy of our brochure in english and albanian if you are interested in taking a look at it. See attachments in Albanian and Englishfor further details.

The following NGOs would be happy to receive your support!

The Ideas Partnership NGO. Working on educational, cultural and environmental projects. An organization working in the field of peace promotion, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice, sustainable development and respect for the environment. 28, Kati I V te, Prishtin/Pritina. REC’s mission is an environmentally sound Kosovo with actively participating citizens working towards sustainable development. They do it for love, for fun or for the good of the planet and they do it in Pristin/Pritina! Contact P: 044 170 703

Green Drinks A monthly informal networking opportunity for people who care about green issues. Contact The Ideas Partnership to be added to the mailing list or join the Facebook group Green Drinks Pristina

Why not consider Kosovo for your next holiday? It would be kinder to the environment and to Kosovo’s economy. Treat yourself to a Kosovan ‘staycation’ and spend less time, money and fossil fuel on the journey and linger awhile in one of the country’s beauty spots taking big breaths of fresh air. Once common in much of the country, most kullas were knocked down or fell down in the conflict and afterwards. This one is a rare survivor, restored by Cultural Heritage Without Borders with a modern bathroom and kitchen where you can prepare your own food (though you can also order traditional meals to be delivered by a local women’s co operative). Downstairs, the former stable has been equipped with furniture and a PowerPoint screen for seminars. There are three double bedrooms plus the wonderful oda or men’s meeting room, with original wood carvings and cushions, complete with a cosy wood burning stove in winter, and shuttered windows to open for summer evenings. Beds cost 15 Euro per person per night for groups of up to 3, 10 Euro per person per night for groups of 4 7 people. The seminar room can be rented for 25 euro for half a day. The kulla is close enough to Dean/Decane to be easily combined with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site monastery nearby. Contact P: 044 253 412.

Stone kulla hotel in Junik. You could also stay in the stone kulla hotel in Junik. For more information, check out the new Regional Tourism Center “n’Dukagjin” which was inaugurated in Junik in May 2012. The center is located in a newly restored Isufaj Kulla. Contact Rame Zymberi P: 044 146 960

Novobrd/Novo Brdo homestay accommodation. Serbian and Albanian families in Novobrd/Novo Brdo offer comfortable, hospitable accommodation (through an NGO initiative) in homes close to the ancient castle. The castle dates from the thirteenth century, when Novobrd/ Novo Brdo was a major European centre, wealthy from its mines. The impressive fortifications are now in ruins offering a great place for walking and exploring. Activities such as paintballing and biking are also possible. For more information contact the official Tourist Information Centre located in Novobrd/Novo Brdo which is open every day during working hours. The Rugova Valley offers a number of accommodation options, including individual chalets and homestays (approx. 15 Euro per night for homestay, rates vary for chalets). Reka e Allags is an idyllic spot. 45 minutes drive from Pej/Pec the village is set in the stunning mountains with views to the peaks forming the Mon Burberry Handbags tenegrin border and surrounded everywhere by the heady medicinal scent of marjoram. Families in the village use this and other herbs to make tea. Four old houses have been restored by Cultural Heritage Without Borders for homestay. Contact the Spasicfamily on 044 624854 or the Kostic family on 029 277029.

Germia park This is the green lung of Prishtin/Pritina. There are several walking and cycling routes. Check out the Bradt Guide to Kosovo for more detailed information. There are plenty of alternatives to travelling by car or taxi.

Buses In Kosovo buses are cheap, frequent and cover most of the country. The bus station in Prishtin/Pritina (Lidja e Pejes Street P: 038 55 00 11) serves all Kosovo and international destinations. The times to all major towns in Kosovo are displayed above the windows within the bus station and are usually reliable. The seats are like armchairs and you can make yourself comfortable and look out of the window as you admire the beautiful countryside.

The train station in Prishtin/Pritina is west of t Burberry Handbags he centre near the end of Garibaldi Street. The station serves trains to Pej/Pec and Skopje via Fushe Kosov/Kosovo Polje train station, Sheshi i Liris, 7 km west of the city centre.