Burberry Handbags Koroit armed robber made a gre

Koroit armed robber made a greedy gamble

A GUNMAN who robbed the ANZ bank at Koroit last year splurged much of his $52,000 cash haul betting on the horses and laying bets of up to $15,000 at Crown Casino.

Martin Paul Driver, 53, of Sheedys Road, Killarney, pleaded guilty in Warrnambool County Court yesterday to theft, unlicensed possession of a registered longarm, shortening the barrel of a shotgun, armed robbery,

Driver modified the weapon with a hacksaw and on November 4 last year he disguised himself with make up, a stocking, paint around his hairline as well as wearing a red cap and painted glasses.

Entering the bank, Driver confronted the manager telling him to hang up the phone, saying words similar to “you know the drill” or “you know how it works”.

He told the man: “Whatever you do, don’t press any bu Burberry Handbags ttons.”

Driver then moved the manager from the desk and forced him towards the door to the secure teller area.

The manager was forced to enter the area and Driver said: “Get me the cash.”

The manager and a teller then removed cash from the teller drawer and were told to place the cash in Driver’s bag.

At this time a silent alarm was triggered.

“Make sure Burberry Handbags you get all of the money. Remember it is not your money,” Driver said.

The gunman forced the manager and teller to kneel on the floor, stating: “You will get home tonight if you do what I tell you to do. I am not going to shoot you.”

He then told the bank workers to lie face down on the floor before telling the manager to look at his watch and said: “I want you to stay down there for 20 minutes. I have got a bloke out the front who will start shooting if you come out of the branch before then.”

The court heard that Driver drove back to Killarney and placed the stolen cash in a blue sports bag which he concealed in a bush near the Killarney wwboat ramp. He then went to the Star of the West Hotel in Port Fairy for a drin Burberry Handbags k.

Mr Perry asked for a sentence of up to 11 years’ imprisonment. Driver has no prior convictions and has already served 292 days on remand.

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