Burberry Outlet Kirby Estate Goes after Marvel

Kirby Estate Goes after Marvel

Plus: ‘Superman/Batman’ cast list. ‘Kick Ass’ costumes. ‘Wolverine’ tells kids not to smoke and more! Seriously, kids. Smoking is bad for you and it annoys your Comics2Film 9.9.21!

WHITEOUT Gets Cold Shoulder at Box OfficeAs expected, the comic based ‘Whiteout’ has disappeared from the top 10 in its second week of release. It dropped four places in the face of four new opening movies, to land at 11. The films second week domestic gross adds up to just shy of $8.5 million. Amazingly, it’s not the worst performing comic book movie of the past twelve months. That honor still falls to Marvel’s ‘Punisher War Zone’, which never broke the $8 million mark in its three week run. It also lost ground to the four newcomers, but gained a spot back against the reviled actioner ‘Gamer’. ‘Joe’ has tallied up ov Burberry Outlet er $146 million domestically and over $285 million worldwide.

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SUPERMAN/BATMAN Cast ListThe World’s Finest has a look at the full cast list for the upcoming direct to video ‘Superman/Batman: Public Enemies’. The list provides some interesting insights about which characters will appear, although many have been announced already.

It’s nice to see Black Lightning is in the mix (voiced by LeVar Burton). Hopefully this will mean some bling to creator Tony Isabella, who was notoriously screwed by the animation world when they simply created Black Vulcan on Super Friends to avoid any creator royalties issues.

Also interesting to note that Adrea Romano and Bruce Timm are providing voices in the show.

‘Superman/Batman: Public Enemies’ arrives on the home video market September 29th.

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Mark Millar Addresses SUPERMAN RumorsOn his message boards, comic and film mogul Mark Millar said his recent comments about the ‘Superman’ movie may have been misinterpreted and that anyone talking about the details of his “pitch” on the project are probably lying. He posted:

1/ I don’t think I said the Burberry Outlet y couldn’t afford me now. If I did I was joking because writing Superman would be a massive payday so if I said that I was obviously laughing at the time. It’s possible though as I like being glib.

2/ Nobody has ever seen my Superman idea besides Matthew. We never pitched. I’ve never done a pitch in my life (it’s demeaning) so all this stuff about people hating my Superman ideas, etc, is just bullshit. Nobody’s seen it. I don’t write or give ideas away for free and simply wouldn’t. I mentioned a big epic idea to Empire in a Wanted interview which was a couple of lines long, but no story stuff at all. So the stuff about me pitching is nonsense. I don’t and will never pitch. That’s why I like working in comics.

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WOLVERINE Tells Youngsters Not To SmokeMTV Splash Page reports that the DVD and Blu Ray release of ‘X Men Origins: Wolverine’ will carry a public service announcement warning kids not to smoke.

Marvel has had a ban on depicting characters smoking in comics for years, but the Marvel movies have come under fire recently for tobacco use. ‘Incredible Hulk’ took some heat for its cigar chomping villain. ‘Wolverine’ got some grief from the American Medical Association for showing the heroic character with a cigar during a few scenes.

Fox and director Gavin Hood decided that a PSA was a good way to offset any subliminal “pro smoking” message viewers may be picking up on.

“My biggest fan on this movie is my nephew, who’s 12 years old,” Hood told M Burberry Outlet TV News. “You certainly don’t want for that audience or any audience to suggest that smoking is cool, given what we now know about smoking, which was not the case 40 years ago when the comic book character was created. Given what we now know about the effects of smoking, someone at the studio had the idea that it might be an honorable thing to do.”

Mintz Plass Burberry Outlet e goes Glam Rock for KICK ASSChristopher Mintz Plasse told MTV Splash Page that his costume in the movie owes a bit to 1980s glam rock. In the comics, the character’s head is covered yet in the film he has some big, big hair poofing out of the top.

“[The look] fits for the character,” Mintz Plasse told MTV News, “The character is very in his dad’s shadow. He doesn’t get to hang out a lot with friends because he always has a bodyguard around. He kind of wanted that wild side ’80s glam rock kind of look. And I love [David] Bowie love that kind of hair.”

Kirby Estate Challenges MarvelSuperman turns free agent! Marvel and Disney get Married! Warner Bros gives birth to DC Entertainment, Inc! Monkeys mate with robots! What more could happen to shake up the already tumultuous world of comics?

How about the children of Jack Kirby asserting a claim against the long term rights to numerous Marvel superheroes their father had a hand in creating.

The estate’s play is backed by the attorneys at Toberoff Associates, the same folks who are helping the heirs of Jerome Siegel wrest away the rights to Superman from DC/Warner Bros. Kirby creations as early as 2014.”

Along with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby was the driving force behind the Marvel revolution of the 1960s. He had a hand in creating Fantastic Four, X Men, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and a legion of other characters. Kirby’s dynamic art style became the signature style of revitalized comics publishing and is widely recognized as a major reason for the success of the Marvel age of comics.

Still, the relationship between Kirby and Marvel deteriorated in the 1970s as the artist distanced himself from the company.

It’s interesting that notices were sent to Sony, as its unclear which of Kirby’s creations the studio is involved with. Spider Man is one of the few classic Marvel characters that is not widely attributed to Kirby, although some have asserted that Kirby’s previous character, “The Silver Spider” served as the inspiration for Spider Man. The Silver Spider focused on an orphaned boy who goes to live with his aunt and uncle (not unlike Peter Parker) and discovers a magic ring that transforms him into a crime fighter. Kirby also provided the cover to Amazing Fantasy 15.

While Kirby may not have claim against Spider Man proper, it’s possible that the estate is asserting claims against ancillary characters, such as villains which may be used. The only other Marvel character that Sony seems to have attachment to would be ‘Ghost Rider’, which is in no way a Kirby creation.

The ruling seems unlikely to affect the Disney merger. The mouse house said in a statement, notices involved are an attempt to terminate rights 7 to 10 years from now, and involve claims that were fully considered in the acquisition. parties declined to comment for the Times.