Burberry Outlet Kirby scores role in Hairspray

Kirby scores role in Hairspray

After impressing critics and crowds in last year production of Eurobeat in Brisbane, the former Matthew Flinders student has scored a role in the hit musical Hairspray, which opens in Melbourne tonight.Starring the first So You Think You Can Dance winner Jack Chambers and choreographed by that show judge, Jason Coleman, Hairspray is set to be one of the biggest shows to hit Australia this year.is a larger than life production, I cannot believe how huge everything about it is, Kirby, 18, said.such a hit show.Kirby, who is known for her singing and admits she is not as strong a dancer as she would like to be, did not think she had a chance of landing a role in Hairspray, which relies heavily on its big dance numbers.into the auditions it was dance call first up and I thought I was too young for the show, she said.didn even bring a dress to change into for the singing call . when I got through all the dance calls I had to go to an op shop to buy a Burberry Outlet Burberry Outlet strong>dress.Despite her self doubt, Kirby had what the producers were looking for.cried. I was on the phone when my agent called and he had to repeat it a few times because it didn actually process, she said.is in Brisbane and I was in Melbourne and he was trying to give support over the phon Burberry Outlet e.It was a day o Burberry Outlet f high emotion for Kirby when she rang her parents.was a really emotional phone call. My parents both live on the Coast and I live in Melbourne now so they weren with me for any of the audition process, she said.was really surreal for them because they weren even a part of it.Kirby not only scored an ensemble role in the blockbuster but is also understudy for the principal role of Tracey Turnblad.Kirby will be on stage at the Princess Theatre tonight when Hairspray has its first official audience after a week of previews.