Burberry Outlet Kinsmen host annual hockey gea

Kinsmen host annual hockey gear sale

They Burberry Outlet ‘ll also be set up Sept. and Sept.

Burberry Outlet Basically the way it works is we sell all the gear commission free on people’s behalf,” said event chair Brian Dobson.

“It’s just purely a community service project. We don’t gain any money for the club pe Burberry Outlet r se,” Dobson said. “It’s just something that we do for young h Burberry Outlet ockey players, to provide hockey gear at a reasonable price for them.”

The prices are determined by the people who bring the gear in.

“A lot of them will try to figure out what they paid for it in the first place, how old it is and a lot of times they’ll just take a look at what other people are charging for similar products,” he said.

Generally it’s all fairly reasonably prices because people want to sell it.

“It’s not a spot where you go and pay big dollars for second hand gear,” he said. “The pricing is always very, very reasonable. It’s almost more like a token to sell it. You can definitely find deals. There’s no question about it.”