Burberry Outlet Kiran Bedi openly endorses Nar

Kiran Bedi openly endorses Narendra Modi

Endorsi Burberry Outlet ng the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, former IPS officer and Anna Hazare’s key aide Kiran Bedi today said Narendra Modi can provide stable, accountable and inclusive government.

On Thursday late night, Bedi said that her vote would go for Modi in order to have a stable, well governed and inclusive country.

She wrote on social networking website Tweeter,”For me it is India First! Stable, Well Governed, Administered, Accountable and In Burberry Outlet clusive. As an independent voter, my vote is for NaMo.”

In October last year, while deli Burberry Outlet vering a speech in Ahmadabad, she had backed Modi. “The man is delivering and has brought good development in Gujarat. His nomination (as BJP’s PM candidate) brings more clarity among voters to make their choices,” she had said. In a veiled attack on Aam Aadmi Party, she said today “for country’s stability, experienced hands” are required.

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“Any one of us who wants a scam free country cannot vote back Congress! India needs stability and experienced hands to provide for all!,” she tweeted.

She also demanded that apart from the anti corruption helpline, the Delhi Assembly must debate the Lokayukta report that “indicts” former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.