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Knitting or Crocheting Using Fabric Scraps

If you love to knit or crochet, you really must try your hand at creating your own “yarn” to use for your next project. You are not limited to using the typical yarn you buy in the yarn section of Walmart or your favorite craft store. You can knit or crochet using fun fibers like fabric scraps, plastic bags, ribbon, old clothing. even pet Burberry Outlet Online hair! You can knit or crochet using any type of fabric. The fabric can be new fabric that you buy by the yard, it can be leftover fabric scraps, it can even be cut up clothing. And cutting the fabric to make the yarn is something fun you can do while watching TV. If you want to cut a piece of fabric, cut in a spiral so you have one long continuous strand of fiber and you do not have to knot the pieces together. Just start on the outside edge and cut around and around in a oval or circular shape. You can even cut in a square or rectangular shape. The corners will not show when you use the strip in a knitted or crochet project.

If you want to speed up the cutting process, you can fold your fabric over and quickly cut long strips. Then you can tie the strips of fabric together (and this can also be done while watching TV). Just make knots and roll your ball as you go. You can trim the knots or you can leave the tails. Knitting or crocheting with the tails add a fun, frilly look to your finished project.

If you want to recycle old t shirts into a knitted or crocheted project, you can cut in a spiral as mentioned above or you can easily make a two ply fiber but cutting across the t shirt and making fabric rings. Then just loop the rings together and you have two ply fiber! You may become so addicted to turning clothing into yarn that you will soon be shopping at every thrift store in your area to buy all the t shirts they have! You can also use clothing that does not have any stretch. Just experiment!

You can also turn plastic bags int Burberry Outlet Online o yarn. They call it plarn. The easiest way to cut plastic grocery bags is to fold the bag over and over again then making narrow cuts so that you have a lot of plastic loops. Then you can loop the rings together for a two ply fiber. You can turn plarn into awesome waterproof tote bags for the beach. And if you want colored plarn, buy some colored trash bags (some trash bags come in pink or blue) and cut those into loops.

If you don’t want to do all the cutting or tying, you can always look for other unusual items that already come in rolls or are on spools. A great place to look is the hardware store! You can find very inexpensive rolls of think nylon or even very soft, pliable wire. You can also use any cord, twine, hemp, or ribbon. Just look around. If it comes on a spool, it can be yarn!

Are you a nature freak? Try knitting or crocheting using long grasses or thin vines that you find in your back yard or in a neighboring field. You do not have to tie the ends together. Just pick up more grass or vine while you are knitting or crocheting and leave the ends sticking out. They are stiff and will not unravel. Knitted or crocheted items made with natural grasses or vines make very unusual projects.

If you have dogs or cats (or other hairy creatures) you can even use their hair to knit or cr Burberry Outlet Online ochet! But you will have to spin it or have it spun for you. Just keep all the hair when you brush your pet then put it all in a pillow case and sew the case shut to wash and dry the hair in your washer and dryer. Then look online for a s Burberry Outlet Online ite that will spin the hair for you (just search for “spin pet hair”) or buy yourself a craft spinning wheel and start spinning! You can knit Fido a sweater using his own hair!

Knitting with unusual “yarn” is very exciting. When you play with the different options, you will discover that some fibers make very durable cloth that is suitable for rugs while other fibers are super soft and perfect for stuffed toys or soft blankets. No matter how the finished product turns out, you will have fun in the process! And if you want some tiny projects you can make so you do not have to make yards and yards of yarn, try making some little amigurumi dolls or amigurumi stuffed toys. They are typically made using fine yarn, but there are no rules in crafting! If you don’t know what amigurumi dolls are and you want to learn about them read my other article [How to Make Amigurumi Dolls]. You will also find free ways to get free amigurumi doll patterns in that article.

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