Burberry Outlet Online Knitting their Way to Success

Knitting their Way to Success in the Fashion Business

With so much competition nowadays, a small business needs to create buzz and excitement to survive.

The duo designs and creates crocheted and knitted hats, bags and sc Burberry Outlet Online arves, but it was thei Burberry Outlet Online r sexy crocheted cotton thong underwear products that got them lots of attention at the start! As Mozzone says, “The thong has gotten us a lot of attention in the past. In fact, we tried removing them from our website a few times to make room for new items, and without fail someone emails us asking, happened to them? This has earned them a permanent spot on the site!”

Prazdnik and Mozzone, avid knitting and crocheting hobbyists, Burberry Outlet Online knew that they needed to create something beyond the standard fare of knitted hats and scarves for them to succeed as a fashion company. They stumbled on t Burberry Outlet Online he idea of dainty crocheted thong underwear, and went on to create the design and develop the right prototype. Once convinced that they have the right design, they tested the market’s reaction by showing the crocheted thongs in a Valentine’s theme party in New York. Their product got a wild response!