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The red Booga is after wash three and the others are too many to remember. I think I’m done. I really recommend finding a box and using it between each wash. As the felting progresses it can take some strong arming to get the shape and having a box form to pull against made all the difference for me. For my standard Booga a Puffs tissue 4 pack (square boxes) still in its shrinkwrap is perfect. That’s a small Arm Hammer cat litter box under the Big Kureyon bag. I probably should have stopped on the previous felting of the funky doctor’s bag, which answers the question “Can you felt too much?” Yes. It’s extraordinarily thick and stiff, so I amused myself wit Burberry Outlet Online h shaping weird pointy corners. St Burberry Outlet Online ill, it’s cute enough and I’ve already used it to carry a scarf project several times.

Here’s the red Booga, with a magazine inside for size reference:

It’s still damp and will be a little stiffer when it’s completely dry it takes about 12 hours in this pretty arid climate. I’ll probably put in a cardboard bottom. I like the way the twisted cord felted. You could choose not to felt the cord it would look great that way, but I was afraid of little fingers prying my twists apart over time. Those white flicks in the handle are the undyed yarn I was talking about. There’s one really noticeable stitch on the other side of the bag. Not the end of the world, but if I was making it again I might leave that section of color out of what is an otherwise vibrant colorway. Overall, I LOVE this bag.

The twisting demo is to come this afternoon. My 2nd grader is all over this. All the way to school this morning she talked about how she was going to manage both the mixer and taking the photos. In 1st grade she listed movie director as her career of choice. She’s a little auteur in the making hates being on stage, but will direct anyone who’ll listen.

I did finally answer one of the nice cards from stamping friends I’ve received this fall. I love making and sending cards (matching the stamp to the envelop gives me a cheap thrill), but it’s been hard over this last month.

It’s a good boxy shape, I just stuffed my sweater inside for a quick photo. I still love this colorway, but the darkest color had white, undyed bits in every skein, which I could have done without. We’ll see how that felts.

I want to send a huge thank you to Jackie, who encouraged me to make a twisted handle like she used on her beautiful blue Booga inspired bag.

Here are twisted cord instructions, but I found another comment where someone tied the active end to an electric hand mixer rather than twisting by hand. Always the geek, I had to try it. Amused the heck out of kids and cats, but it worked very well after a few mishaps that included the beater flying across the room (not too loose, not too tight gotta find that sweet spot). After knitting two I cords in the last weeks I am all over this technique. Takes about 15 minutes and it looks great. Also, I think it mixed the Noro colors really well. And yes, my arm’s getting sore patting myself on my back.

This felting thing got me motivated to pull out this bits n pieces felted bag that I’d cast on, knitted the bottom, then deserted. It’s left over Manos from a sofa throw. No pattern, no clue, just went round and round with some decreasing. Yes, I really meant it to have the honkin’ big bottom and short sides really truly. That’s all the yarn I have and I refuse to buy more, so I thought I’d make a color work carrier that will allow me to see the different skeins while I’m working. This is more for the house and car than the world at large. Hope to felt it today with the Noro mohair.

It was a tough weekend since my back got much worse before my procedure yesterday. Spent a lot of time knitting, which is a fairly effective way to ignore pain. Had my Transforaminal Nerve Root Block (sounds painful doesn’t it? it is.) yesterday morning and spent the day on the sofa. Slept in the morning, but got industrious in the afternoon. So, introducing yet another poncho pattern!

Knitting Wench’s Poncho Template

Find your gauge, do the math, make a poncho.

First, if enough monkeys can type Shakespeare I know this is probably already out there in blogland or as a printed pattern. But, I did the math all by my lonesome yesterday, so if you’ve done it too, let’s share in the glory of thinking like knitters. I do owe a thank you to Yarn Harlot for her Very Harlot Poncho, which got me thinking about top down in the round ponchos, and a big debt to Nancy at Common Threads, my LYS, who designed a toddler’s poncho and cap with these neat little shoulder shapings and the frilly accents. We were in the day she finished it and she took her pattern photo with my daughter as the model. She used a more practical yarn (big soft/fuzzy animal fiber mix for quick knitting + a flag accent yarn), which temped me to no end, but I was determined to use this GGH GOA that I had in my stash in my little girl’s favorite color (my older’s a total tomboy, so I’m amused by the passion for pink this time around). Added a fizzy yarn from the store. My good behavior (stash reduction) put me in the bind of having to figure out the pattern for myself. Sometimes one must give into temptation. This yarn was not right for this use. See Nov 10.

Nancy generously explained the concept (and she will happily sell you her kit to make it a perfect and easy Christmas present for the little one in your life):

1) Establish gauge for MC alone in SS and MC + accent yarn in garter (one sized bigger needles used).

2) Determine the neck measurement and figure out stitch count from there, knowing you want to divide into quarters. You will need to make one round of symmetrically placed increases when changing from garter to the SS on smaller needles, keeping the new stitch count a multiple of four.

3) Decide on your increase method for the front, back and shoulders. Nancy used e wrap and reverse e wrap with one stitch in between. Yarn Harlot uses yarn overs with one stitch in between. I’m going to use yarn overs.

Here’s my pattern I’m changing it for what I’ve learned, but I’ve not done it yet time will tell. Keeping this here for the record. The concept is good, just the yarn was wrong.

Yarn: MC = ??? Lamb’s Pride Superwash Bulky maybe ??? + Accent = SRK’s The Collection: Multi Fizz (605), one ball

Needles: 11 for garter with yarns held together, 10 1/2 for ss in MC. I got away with 24 circulars for the cast on, though it was a stretch. You might need DP’s or a small circular set for the neck line.

With larger needles and yarns held together, CO 36 stitches. K 4 rows in garter stitch, ending wrong side row. (I prefer to knit the collar side to side, then graft down to the circular join so the tails are buried in the neck. If you want, join at the first round and adjust accordingly.)

Drop fizzy yarn and change to smaller needles. Place markers to divide into quarters (for mine, 9 stitches between each marker). This will be your increase row to bring the stitch count of the smaller st st up to match the garter (in a multiple of 4). Use whatever increase technique you’ve chosen at the front and back markers Burberry Outlet Online , M1R and M1L on each side of the shoulder increases (for a smooth fit) and K1 F on the increases in between (these will merge visually with the garter stitches above. Here’s what my 18 stitch repeat over those 36 stitches will look like:

K1, YO, K3, K1 F K3, M1R, K2, M1L, K3, K1 F K3, YO, K1, ending with 48 stitches

This is where I joined the yarn to knit in the round. K1 round.

Here’s my pattern for each quadrant for the next 10 rows begining at a center marker (how many rounds is determined by should Burberry Outlet Online er width of wearer and yarn gauge):

K1, YO, K until 1 stitch before shoulder marker, M1R, K2, M1L, knit until one stitch before center marker, YO, K1

After shoulder have been shaped to edge of wearer’s shoulders, knit past those stitches and remove the markers. Now you just knit while doing the front and back increases until you get the length you want. Finish st st by knitting one round (no increases) while decreasing proportionally according to your set up gauges. Change to bigger needles and yarns held together. K 4 rows garter and bind off loosely.

This seems to be working. Very unsure about the colors at first, but it’s growing on me. I think (hope, pray) it will felt well (color wise, no question about the fibers). Going to stop now at the start of the second Big Kureyon skein and do the I cord. Might just get by with only 2 hanks of the Noro, but I’ll feel safer with the cord done. Hope to finish this tomorrow so I can stick it in the wash loads that must be done this weekend. Worked on Cozy while watching West Wing and Good Eats on Weds night. I like this more and more it’s developing a softer drape as the inches add up, which was my biggest worry. Need to do some physical therapy exercises right now.

Very fiber focused day, which has been nice. Made progress on the Cozy this morning, but will do a bit more before photographing again. Got gauge on Lara too after going from wooden to metal needles. Then went to the LYS to exchange those mohair balls. So now I’ve got six of the mohair in olive for the new Interweave sweater (see yesterday). I think I can squeeze by because I will shorten the sleeves and length to make it a petite medium.