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Knitting Knewbie

This has been a very educational week. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at a class that was required for me to continue working in my current position. On Wednesday I took and passed the exam, and I can say wit Burberry Outlet Online h confidence that I now know more than I ever wanted to know about computer security issues and how to mitigate them.

To celebrate, on Thursday I stopped by Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach and picked up a few balls of yarn in order to finally learn how to knit entrelac. And I have to say, it going pretty well!

This pattern is like half project/half puzzle. I (uncharacteristically) enjoyed the fact that when I started I had no idea how this was going to work. I seen photos of the scarf so I sort of understood what the stitch configuration would be, but I was still surprised by how it all comes together. I not going to tell you that part you Burberry Outlet Online may enjoy the surprise as well.

Another thing I learned from this scarf is that THIS is why straight needles still exist. I been using circulars almost exclusively for quite a while now, but found that with all the twisting and turning required on this scarf I was dealing with a big ta Burberry Outlet Online ngly yarn/cable/needle mess. As soon as I could, I switched to my straights, and all was well with my little knitting world.

In another unchar Burberry Outlet Online acteristic move, on Friday I actually sewed something. Check it out:

These are two little project bags that I made. Each one took 1/2 of a Fat Quarter of fabric, and are quite reversible. My sewing skills are such that I was amazed that the entire project not counting the trip to the store to get the supplies took only about an hour. Now that I know a) how easy they are to make; and b) how much of the yardage the drawstring channel and seams take up; I make some more that are a bit taller/narrower/bigger in general to accommodate the various sized projects I work on.