Burberry Canada Kim Crawford Wines Introduces

Kim Crawford Wines Introduces Wine

Inspired by the combination of fresh summer fruits and vibrant wine, Kim Crawford Wines is joining forces with New York’s People’s Pops to bring you mouthwatering, wine spiked popscicles just in time for summer. We had the opportunity to tast Burberry Canada e them last Friday (what a great way to start kick Burberry Canada off the weekend, right?), and they were delicious! I don’t know why someone didn’t come with this idea sooner, b Burberry Canada ut I’m glad they’re here now! I’ll definitely be adding them to my summer repetoire of party snacks.

If you want to make your own wine infused treat, give it a shot with the recipes below. They’re easy to make (no more than five ingredients required), and they includ Burberry Canada e fresh, all natural ingredients.

Sauvignon Blanc Infused Yellow Peach and Vanilla Ice Pops:7 ounces of 2011 Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancPinot Noir Infused Blackberry Ice Pops:6 8 ounces of 2010 Kim Crawford Pinot Noir.