Burberry Canada kilogram ‘atta’ bag price went

kilogram ‘atta’ bag price went up by Rs535 in five years

The price of a 20 kilogram ‘atta’ bag jumped by Rs535 from Rs285 to Rs820, ghee by Rs114 per kilogram from Rs96 to Rs210, tea by Rs440 per kilogram from Rs320 to Rs760 in five years (2008 to 2013). The price of petrol increased by Rs50 per litre from Rs53 to Rs103 and diesel by Rs68 from Rs45 to Rs113 per litre during this period, the data collected by ‘The News’ reveals.

At the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) outlets, prices of kitchen items, including pulses, went up by Rs55 to Rs70 per kilogram from Rs30 Rs45 to Rs100 Rs130 in five years, while the red chilli price went up by Rs200 per kilogram from Rs160 to Rs360.

The prices of different tea brands jumped by Rs400 per kilogram from Rs320 to Rs760 in five years. The prices of soaps by Rs26 from Rs18 to Rs44, rice by Rs95 per kilogram from Rs55 to Rs150 during this period.

According to the Jamiat Al Quresh, the mutton price increased by Rs200 per kilogr Burberry Canada am from Rs350 to Rs550 and beef by Rs140 per kilogram from Rs180 to Rs320 in five years.

According to All Pakistan Sabzimandi Fruitmandi Association Chairman Malik Muhammad Nawaz, prices of all kinds of vegetables and fruits jumped on daily basis because t Burberry Canada he petrol price increased by Rs50 and diesel by Rs68 per litre during five years. According to him, currently onion is being sold for Rs50 per kilogram against Rs17, tomato for Rs60 against Rs20, ginger for Rs200 against Rs100 and potato for Rs35 against Rs15.

The local route transport fares jumped by Rs1 Burberry Canada 0 stop by stop from Rs5 to Rs15 in five years.

Prices of construction material jumped by more than 50% during five years.

Utility Stores Corporation (USC) Zonal Manager Javed Akhtar told ‘The News’ t Burberry Canada hat they were helpless before the power of branded companies. “However, our outlets are still better than the open market because prices are too high at retail shops,” he said.

All Pakistan Traders Association President Shaikh Muhammad Saddique said that the public faced worst kind of inflation during last five years, which was due to ever increasing fuel prices in the country.

Talking to ‘The News,’ consumers belonging to different walks of life said that the open market and USC had made upward revision in prices of essential commodities without taking into consideration meagre financial resources of consumers during last five years. They blamed the government for making whooping increase in rates of all essential commodities.

Muhammad Hameed, a senior citizen, said that he was shocked to buy one kilogram pack of tea for Rs760. The USC had increased prices of kitchen items during last five years but nobody took any kind of action against this injustice, he said.