Burberry Canada Kim Cattrall spoils her green

Kim Cattrall spoils her green goddess look with leather gloves in Cannes

Speaking at the MIPTV television industry conference, she said: ‘I believe that women my age have ve Burberry Canada ry much to say, and unfortunately this business doesn’t recognise that, most of the time.’

‘I believe that this show, this story, deserves a life,’ she added.

It’s a remake of a series originally launched by the BBC in 2005, when Joanna Lumley took the lead role. Cattrall said she was attracted to the project following a meeting with the BBC’s comedy chief at the time, Jon Plowman, citing Absolutely Fabulous and Extras as inspiration.

‘A lot of th Burberry Canada ose shows he’s been involved with have been Burberry Canada with women: very smart women,’ she said.

‘This is a story that I’ve never heard told before, from such a fresh point of view, and I was immediately drawn to the intelligence and humour of it. It very much reminded me of Sex In The City.’

She added it deals with the aging process and ‘How it feels to wake up in the morning and see the lines, and gravity taking over.’

‘For me it’s one of the more challenging roles that I’ve ever had to play. I’m known for playing women who know what they want and how to get it, relatively in a short period of time.

But to play someone who’s in a crisis and not even totally aware of it? This was really a differ Burberry Canada ent area of investigation for me. That’s why I’m so proud of the end product. It is a departure of sorts,’ she explained.