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Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names D to F

Diagonal Seed Stitch is a really fun kni Burberry Outlet Online tting stitch that makes diagonal lines of purls across a background of Stockinette. It’s easy to knit and adds interest to otherwise basic knitting. are relatively easy to knit and a fun way to spice up an otherwise plain knitting pattern, but you do have to pay attention to the knitting as you work. is a very popular knitting stitch pattern that involves raised purl diamond shapes on a field of stockinette. There are many variations to this easy and pretty stitch.

Dot St Burberry Outlet Online itch

Dot stitch is an easy four row repeat knitting stitch pattern in which two of the rows are straight knitting. It makes a nice pebbled surface “dotted” with purls.

Double Basket Pattern

Double Basket is a really cool knitting stitch pattern that is full of texture. The undulating ribs make this stitch really interesting to knit and to look at on finished projects.

Double Broken Rib

Double Broken Rib is a fun variation of Broken Rib that has ribs of knit stitches broken up by rows of two stitches of alternating knits and purls.

Double Cable

Double Cable or Horseshoe Cable is an easy cable pattern that can be varied in a multitude of ways. Work it over more stitches or make the cross more or less frequently to change the look.

Double Moss Stitch

Double moss stitch, sometimes also called double seed stitch, is a knitting stitch pattern very similar to the box stitch that looks like alternating rows of double ribbing.

Double Rib

Double rib is a little more interesting than single rib. It can be used as a stitch pattern throughout a project, or just to make the cuffs or hem of a sweater.

Double Woven Stitch

Similar to Woven Stitch, Double Woven Stitch involves slipping two stitches with the yarn in front on a knit row to make a texture that basically underlines the slipped stitches.

Drop Stitch
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Drop stitch or dropped stitch is more of a method than an actual pattern. It involves making elongated stitches that give your work an airy, stretchy quality.

Eiffel Tower Eyelet

Eiffel Tower Eyelet is a fun and easy knitting stitch pattern using a purl background and a series of knit stitches positioned above an eyelet that look a bit like the famous tower in Paris. looks like a complex pattern, but it’s really just four different rows knit in different order to make deep Vs on the knit fabric. This wonderful chunky stitch would be ideal for an afghan.