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Kitchen Garbage Bags Consumer’s Guide

Kitchen garbage bags and springtime go hand in hand! Here we have a product review of 5 kitchen garbage bags and how they stand up to the test of trash. Included are details of each bag’s durability, material, sizes, features, and what makes each kitchen garbage bag ideal for kitchen trash. 1. Hefty. With many new features available, Hefty has continued to supply quality kitchen garbage bags. There are Hefty Space Saver Packs, Hefty Ultra Flex, Hefty Cinch Sak, and Hefty Kitchen Fresh. There is also Hefty The Gripper, Hefty HandySaks Bags, Hefty SteelSak Trash Bags, Hefty EasyFlaps, Hefty EasyFlaps, and Hefty TwistTie Tall Kitchen Trash Bags. Hefty Cinch Sak tall kitchen and trash bags have a convenient drawstring closure, making them easy to close, lift, and carry.
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2. GLAD. GLAD supplies ForceFlex Bags, Drawstring Bags, Quick Tie Bags, OdorShield Bags, and Specialty Bags. GLAD emphasizes strength Burberry Outlet Online and durability in their kitchen bags. Many of their bags are equipped to neutralize odors and leave behind a fresh, clean scent. GLAD kitchen garbage bags are easy to handle.

3. Greenfeet. Greenfeet has been an online retailer since 1997. They have already produced their seventh generation garbage bags, which save natural resources and reduces pollution. Their Tall Kitchen Bags are made from 55% recycled plastic and are a durable 2 ply construction. Each box contains 20 drawstring, 13 gallon bags.

4. Genuine Joe. T Burberry Outlet Online hese are heavy duty trash bags. Each 13 gallon bag measures 24 inches by 31 inches. One pack of contractor trash bags is $17.85. Order a higher quantity to receive a larger discount. For instance, 501 or more bags of contractor trash bags is $16.07 per item. These tall kitchen bags offer flat bottom strength, and are made with 75 percent recycled Burberry Outlet Online and 10 percent post consumer material. Bags come individually folded in a self dispensing box.

5. SUPERSAK. Each box contains 20 Tall Kitchen Bags with ties. SUPERSAK bags are manufactured with premium virgin resin and are specially formulated to resist puncture and tear. With its Folding Carton Packaging and one at a time dispensing, SUPERSAK allows easy removal of individual bags.

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Buying Guide for Plastic Garbage BagsPlastic garbage bags are not just for garbage. Recycling trash bags and other products help, but it’s time to think Real Green for the 21st century.