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Kitchen Gadgets Reviews

The Bottom LineRarely does a gadget come along that is simple and cheap to buy, but is also worth its weight in gold. But the banana bag is one such item. I love it.

Put the bananas in the fridge and they go black; keep them in the open air, again they go black and very quickly. Not with this simple drawstring bag. Put the bananas in, tie the drawstring, pop them in the fridge and they will keep for up to THREE weeks.

The only two drawbacks I found after using the bag for several weeks is once the bag is filled with bananas it takes up a lot of Burberry Outlet Online fridge space. Whatever the state of the bananas when you store them in t Burberry Outlet Online he bag, they remain the Burberry Outlet Online same. I stored very under ripe, almost green b Burberry Outlet Online ananas and they stayed that way for weeks. Now I get the bananas to my preferred state (still slightly under ripe but soft) and then store them.