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Elder Agnes Alphonse talks about our drinking water and she says when you look at any lake now with the exception of the many fresh lakes in the northern part of the Northwest Territories and Saskatchewan, you don’t think about drinking the water its not good. Today there is so much waste and garbage. She says that she raised all of her children using the moss bag, and we did not need modern diapers that cause pollution. It was a difficult life to live but we were happy and healthy because the children were dry and smelled like the earth, moss has many healing elements that do not cause irritation or diaper rash. The woman would gather caribou hide bags full of moss before freeze up and clean it out until there were no twigs or minor irritations to the skin and then it was stored. Moss can be returned back to the earth; it could be thrown away and it would de Burberry Outlet Online grade naturally. The Dene people of the past ha Burberry Outlet Online d many remedies for natural ills such as sunstroke, rashes, and so forth, there were medicine men that specialized in these areas. They knew what to lo Burberry Outlet Online > Burberry Outlet Online ok for on the earth when they search for healing herbs and plants. Today we do not know anything about the land that we live on.