Burberry Outlet Online Kisses at CVS this weekTod

Kisses at CVS this week

Today was the first time that I have really shopped CVS, though I did already have the shopper card. I scanned it w Burberry Outlet Online hen i got in the store and got a coupon other than the candy one. I did not realize that you could scann again, go figure. I did have to return the Tide when I looked at the receipt. I had read the ad as the Tide being $2 NOT $2 OFF of the high $8.99 price. And of course I had a coupon, but it was still $5.99 that’s high (for me)! So I took it back and got a refund. Live’n learn.

LOL ok, this one I won’t be taking advantage of :) I just finished using Burberry Outlet Online up severa Burberry Outlet Online l bags of kisses and all those free individual bars from CVS and other deals recently to make up goodie bags for the 16 employees my daughter has working for her :)

Young kids, teens to early 20’s who think candy is the end all LOL Of course they love the homemade cookies/brownies too they know I get all this stuff almost free and sometimes free but Burberry Outlet Online they also know I think they’re worth so much more!