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kiss my buttocks

?you call me en. i can’t say what my full name is online lest i become vulnerable to a yahoo! search :b im a 16 year old chick who hatched on 13th Oct 1987. look out for my sexaeee sevente Burberry Outlet Online enth birthday! 😀 black eyes? even blacker hair. compassionate and callous. soft and hard (no not describing a dick). funny and unfunny. happy and sad. retarded and smart. silk and steel.

?b>loves: sentosa!! the sun. somebody. all my girl pals from nygh. my family half the time :b strawberry cheesecake! swensen’s! baking. Burberry Outlet Online o4a11 :) shoppinggggg! i haunt far east plaza!!! hahahha. and what else? i love hiphop nelly, 50 Burberry Outlet Online cent, eminem.! i love indians, think they’r Burberry Outlet Online e all a hot bunch of people.

?b>hates: splinters. brainless chauvinists. diplomatic bullshit. unflowing english. having no money. not good to have too much hate, so i’ll stop it here.