Burberry Outlet Kirtland man rescued from unde

Kirtland man rescued from underneath fallen tree

The Kirtland Fire Department used air bags to lift Burberry Outlet the tree off of the 58 year old man, who was working alone behind his house in the 9800 block of Chillicothe Road, Capt. Frank Ponzani said.

Kirtland police initially were alerted to the incident by the man’s fiancee, who lives in Chardon. She regularly calls the man every Saturday night at a specific time, and when he didn’t answer the phone, she became worried, Ponzani said. She also knew he had been cutting a tree Saturday. and found the man lying on his side, with his hip and upper leg pinned under the tree, about 20 feet from its base. The base of the tree measured 42 inc Burberry Outlet hes in diameter.

“He was stuck pretty good,” Ponzani said. “He couldn’t get out and it was hurting him.”

Firefighters were summoned, and wor Burberry Outlet ked to stabilize the tree so it didn’t roll any farther and crush the man during the rescue, Ponzani said. They used a rescue technique called “cribbing,” in which pieces of wood are stacked in a tower configuration to take up space betwe Burberry Outlet en the tree and the ground. This allows air bags to be inserted and inflated to lift the tree off the victim.

“This was a very technical rescue,” Ponzani said. “This isn’t the kind of rescue we do an awful lot of. The fact that we practice with this equipment is helpful.”

The man, whose name wasn’t released by the fire department, was alert and conscious throughout the rescue, which took about 47 minutes. A medical helicopter landed in the parking lot of a nearby business at Chillicothe and Eagle roads, and transported the man to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

Kirtland firefighters were assisted at the scene by fire crews from Willoughby and Willoughby Hills.

Ponzani said it was fortunate the man’s fiancee decided to call the police department. Otherwise, he might not have been rescued so soon because of the remote location of the incident.