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Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags Are a Great Value

Spring is here an Burberry Outlet d that means a lot of yard work. We live on 2 acres of land, much of which has grass and needs to be raked every year about this time. We always collect a ton of dead grass and leaves, and have found a way to save money on our yard bags when we buy Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags. Years ago we used to spend a lot of money on nationally known name brand bags, but since we decided to give the Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags at try, we have never gone back.

We purchase these outdoor bags at our local Costco warehouse store, and they come in a large brown box containing 100 bags. The box is very heavy because it contains two rolls of bags, but the top has a nice handle so carrying the heavy box isn’t too hard.

On the front of the box is a perforated area that you can punch open, which allows you to pull out just one bag at a time. Kirkland calls this a “one by one dispenser”, and it truly does dispense just one bag at a time, and works great. As long as we Burberry Outlet remember to close the opening “door” the remainder of the bags inside of the box remain dust free.

These bags hold 45 gallons or 170 liters, and me Burberry Outlet asure 3′ 2 3/4″ by 3′ 9″, and have a thickness of 1.2 mil. The Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags also have a handy “Smart Tie Closure”, which consists of four tabs or flaps extending from each corner of the bag, and these allow you to easily tie the bag int Burberry Outlet o a knot so the contents won’t spill out. Normally nice features like this are found on the more expensive brands, so I was thrilled to see Kirkland add a feature like this to a value priced product.

Kirkland suggests that you tie the flaps while the bag is still in the garbage container, then lift it by the tied knots and carry it likewise. This works quite well, and we are still able to fill the bag to the brim and still get it tied closed.

Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags only cost around $22 for the box of 100 bags, which is an extremely good value. Just for a comparison, I shopped for a box of Hefty Cinch Sak Lawn Leaf Bags online, and a box of 18 were priced at $15.00!! These were smaller, they held only 39 gallons, and are exactly the type of lawn and leaf bag we used to buy.

We like the Kirkland Signature 45 Gallon Outdoor Bags so much that we now use them almost exclusively in our large garbage can. They work great, they rarely split on us (only if something sharp pokes throught the bag), and they are saving us a lot of money. This product gets a high five from our family.

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