Burberry Outlet Kim Kardashian gets unique han

Kim Kardashian gets unique handbag as Christmas gift from Kanye West

view traffic Islip, NY 58Apparently Kanye West thought a hand painted Birkin bag was just the thing. He presented his love with a massive tan leather Hermes bag (a basic style retails for about $16,000) that boasts an original painting by famous artist George Condo, whose work has reportedly sold for $1 million plus. We’re only guessing that the three nude female figures in the painting represent Kim Kardashian and sisters, but hmmm, who’s the green faced, bare chested monster man leering in the background?

Artistic symbolism aside, Ki Burberry Outlet m was apparently delighted with the prese Burberry Outlet nt, which she trotted out Thursday, pairing it with ripped skinny jeans, a comfy top and pale coat. She posted a pic on Instagram with the caption: HandPaintedGeorgeCondo HermesBirkin OneofOne ChristmasPre Burberry Outlet sentFromYeezy.

Her Instagram followers (nearly 12 million on Saturday) had a lot to say. Som Burberry Outlet e were enthusiastic. “I’m pretty sure no one in their right mind would turn down this gift,” wrote tkgharder, while hlperry77 begged to differ. “That is the worst ‘art’ piece I have ever seen. Who would think that was in good taste?? Small children can paint better pictures than that. It’s just awful.”