Burberry Outlet Kim Kardashian and other unrec

Kim Kardashian and other unrecognisable celebrities

And sometimes they just like dressing up for fun (we’re looking at you Gaga), music videos (oi oi Katy Perry) and just for work (yup, that’s you Gere.)

Here are some of our favourite celeb disguises ever.

It’s no secret Kim Kardashian likes to look as perfect as possible so imagine our surprise when we d Burberry Outlet iscovered she’d agreed to have a make under all in the name of entertainment.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star

underwent a phenomenal transformation for Wendy Williams’ US television show Celebrity Undercover.

Kim put on a curly wig, glasses, wore a fake set of teeth and had facial prosthetics to make her look completely different from her usual self and rather like Ugly Betty.

The wild haired actor said: “”You see yourself in t Burberry Outlet hat costume, it’s got those really rippling abs and an amazing arse. You look at the arse of it and you’re a bit turned on by your own arse. Is that normal?

“It’s Burberry Outlet actually Batman’s arse. It was designed for George Clooney’s arse, think about that for a while. After a time you get sick of wearing it because it’s really hot and hard to get on and of Burberry Outlet f. There is a zip to wee out of so it’s fun for a while then it becomes a little bit of a nuisance.”