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why would you want to buy a knockoff purse? gross. anyone who knows anything about the real bags can spot a fake from a mile away, so you’ll just get laughed at. go buy a GOACH purse fr Burberry Handbags om the middle of the mall haha.buying knockoff bags also supports terrorism, i’m sure you’re someone flying an american flag on the back of their car though. SUPPORT THE TROOPS ABORTION IS MURDER.Shoot I rock my knock offs and love it. Why pay hundreds more and almost the same thing that is used for the same purpose. I’ll stick with my knockoffs and spend the money I saved on something nice, like a tennis bracelet or something. Jus my 2Cents.Hmmm well to me quality is more important. Whatever floats your boat. Sorry but when you carry around a knockoff of a $1,000 purse you just look like a wannabe who WISHES they could afford the real thing and that’s just tacky. It’s even tackier when said purse starts to fall apart :p and if you can’t afford a real COACH which is NOT even expensive, it looks even worse lmao.And I like how the fact that my statement about buying knockoff bags supports terrorism went ignored. Be a true American, buy chevrolet and knockoff guccis!!OK come on. All this talk about an item that you at some point will set down on the floor. Yes on the floor, the same floor that someone just walked on, who previously Burberry Handbags walked through some type of animal pee or poop or kid vomit or even worse. I think I have something better Burberry Handbags to spend $200.00 on. I just don’t get the importance of spending that much o Burberry Handbags n a bag. Does it make you feel prettier or just better than others? If it makes you feel prettier, so be it. If it makes you feel better than others, that is just plain sad.