Burberry Handbags knives collection found in stu

knives collection found in student’s car

According to deputies, a teacher received a tip over the weekend that a student had a firearm while driving on campus during a weekend event at the school.

The tipster gave the teacher a partial license plate number, but didn’t have the student’s name.

In the trunk were two long guns and two duffle Burberry Handbags bags. In one of the bags were boxes of ammunition, two loaded handguns, several knives, a ski mask, gloves and a large set of bolt Burberry Handbags cutters.

There was also a half filled bottle of vodka and a case of beer in the car.

Boyko, of North Fort Myers, was charged with 5 counts of possession of firearm on school property; 2 counts of possession of weapon on s Burberry Handbags chool property; 1 count possession of burglary tools; 5 counts of possession of firearm by a minor; 1 count possession of al Burberry Handbags coholic beverages by a minor.