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It seems that lately we’re always on the go. Between visiting guests, our own road trips and blog opportunities, my camera has been working overtime in all the places we’re going to. I kind of like being a minimalist when it comes to what I carry around, but when we’re going some place that I know I’m going to take a lot of pictures, I end up looking like I’m going on a major trip with all the ‘baggage’ I end up carrying! Taking your DSLR camera on the go with all its accessories, plus your own personal items like your phone, wallet, car keys, etc. can be a real challenge.

Having the right camera bag that lets you bring it all with you is key in making it work. That is why I’m so excited about Koolerbuy and the camera bags that they offer. They have rugged and useful bags for people that want to always make sure they have their camera on the go. When I went to their site, I had a hard time choosing which one to review as they have so many great looking camera bags. But I really recommend this one that I actually go to use myself and really think it will help those of you that are looking to bring your larger cameras with you places, but be able to carry just one bag doing so.

How nice is that? I love the classic styling the satchel design and color is not limiting either. The camera bag is made to use with the shown insert, so you can take your camera and accessories with you, or when you don’t want to take your camera along you can just leave the insert at home and use the camera bag as your personal bag. The camera bag has both a top handle and shoulder strap and it’s designed so you can carry it multiple ways, perfect for toting to the park, school functions. You even wear it like a messenger bag cross body which is great if you also need to hold little hands or carry a young one, there are no worries of it slipping off your shoulder. The insert is ideal for your camera and items, with velcro panels you can section the padded insert to fit your model, lenses, battery power, etc. I love the padded insert and knowing I have an added layer of protection around my camera and lenses.

I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to fit everything I ne Burberry Handbags eded to in this bag, but I did, and even was able to close the zipper on it with no issues either. This makes me happy because now, especially when traveling, I only have to carry one bag and it has everything I need, but yet it’s still not the size of a small suitcase 😉 Here is what I got into the bag:

1) In the insert: My Nikon J3 camera with the 30 100 mm zoom lens attached, my 18.5 mm lens in it’s protective case, my plug in battery charger with the battery, extra memory card and two cleaning cloths for my screens.

2) In the inner bag: My iPad in it’s case.

3) In the outer pockets: My credit card wallet, money wallet, coupons, keys, pen, lip balm, Burberry Handbags hand sanitizer and phone.

I wish I would have had this on my last trip when we went to San Antonio! Everything packed in one easy to carry camera bag! I had a purse, my small camera bag that only held my camera and no accessories, and I was trying to help my niece with her little kids so I had at least 2 other things to carry or hold and I felt like my hands were Burberry Handbags always full. If I had this bag those site seeing outings would have been much easier for us all!.